Ahimsa in Action: Race, Social Justice and the Iyengar Yoga Community
Monday, April 15, 2019 6:30-8:30pm
Lone Star Pre-Convene

How can Iyengar Yoga be a strategic tool for creating a better world? Have you noticed that most Iyengar Yoga in the US is inaccessible to those who aren’t white, middle class or rich, straight, able-bodied, “fit” and cis-gendered? Those outside this demographic
often feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. How might we be creating barriers that make
Iyengar Yoga inaccessible? The well-constructed systemic oppression that we live in poisons everyone, and we have a precious opportunity to remove avidya and heal our hearts. For those who feel excluded, what shifts are necessary in the Iyengar Yoga
community to make it more appealing? Just as we strive to develop consciousness and sensitivity within our asana practice, we strive to do the same in our social and
community interactions. With exuberance and courage, let us squarely face these challenges in a supportive environment. The goal of the session is to create a
welcoming space for those who are comfortable within the typical Iyengar Yoga demographic, as well as those who have felt marginalized.

Workshop Objectives
Participants can expect to:

  1. Explore connections between yoga and social justice through presentation and discussion.
  2. Participate in breakout groups based on shared experience, including a people of color caucus. Be seen, supported, heard, and empowered.
  3. Take responsibility, see how our assumptions cause harm, as we work to decondition our lives. Recognize and help dismantle harmful habits and structures.
  4. Learn from those within our community engaged in making Iyengar Yoga more accessible. Connect, relate, build networks of support.
  5. Be accountable, gain resources for further learning, and plan next steps.

Your workshop facilitators include:

Gwi-Seok Hong, CIYT, Iyengar Yoga Detroit, Iyengar Yoga Association Midwest, Detroit, Michigan
Avery J Kalapa, CIYT, Intermountain Iyengar Yoga Association, Albuquerque, NM
Kathleen Mulligan, CIYT, Milwaukee, WI
LeeAnn Woodrum, CIYT, IYACUS Scholarship and Membership Chair, Arkansas